Center For Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology

About The Client​

As head doctor at the Center, Mark Scheinberg is well-known cosmetic gynecologist in the region. He has undergone comprehensive training in cosmetic gynecology and has successfully completed thousands of procedures. His goal is to alleviate any discomfort, pain, and other issues with women. CCCRG is a leading surgery center in Florida. 

The Challenge​

Cosmetic surgery is a highly competitive niche because it typically requires a fair amount of investment from clients. Therefore, cosmetic surgeons already in the niche were far ahead of us prior to the commencement of our SEO campaign. We also had to optimize the site for high competition keywords.

The Solution

As always, we began our SEO campaign with a thorough audit of the website. We identified key deficiencies and provided recommendations for improvement. Upon approval from the Center, we implemented those changes and began link building, starting with local high domain authority sites. We expanded across the state to rank in multiple cities. 


Target Keyword: cosmetic Gynecology Miami

Ranking: 2

Target Keyword: thermiva Fort Lauderdale

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: vaginal rejuvenation Fort Lauderdale

Ranking: 2

Target Keyword: vaginal surgery Fort Lauderdale

Ranking: 2

Target Keyword: cosmetic Gynecology Boca Raton

Ranking: 1 & 2

Target Keyword: cosmetic Gynecology Fort Lauderdale

Ranking: 1


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