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About The Client​

Changists is a Dallas-based legal outsourcing firm that has been created on non-conformist principles. With company executives having served more than 20 years as senior corporate leaders at large firms, Changists has learned that not challenging and addressing the status quo is simply a waste of time and money.  

The Challenge​

With a fairly new online presence, the site’s Domain Authority had to be improved so search engines would begin to recognize it as more of an authority in its niche. The client was looking to rank in Dallas and its surrounding areas, and we had stiff competition from other firms that were offering the very same services for a longer duration than our client.


The Solution

We experienced top 3 rankings within weeks. While we typically inform clients that the road to being the first position on Google can take several months, our link building efforts paid off in weeks instead of months. We optimized on-page content, along with aligning title and meta tags to reflect the keywords our client was looking to rank for. That coupled with quality links helped drive results quickly. 


Target Keyword: law firm ebilling dallas

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: legal ebilling solution dallas

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: outsourced law firm ebilling dallas

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: outsourced legal operations dallas

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: outsourced legal services dallas

Ranking: 3

Target Keyword: outsourced trial prep dallas

Ranking: 1


Stop guessing and start making concrete moves toward better search engine rankings, more website traffic and a better online marketing strategy. We’re here to help your business reach the top. 

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