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Top Five Ways Edmonton Businesses Can Benefit from SEO

 Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the best business tools for the 21st century. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you should know is that SEO can make your company more money and raise your profile online. You should also know that there are many great agencies out there but, there are only a few that can give you a total Edmonton SEO experience. Dabaran is a top SEO agency that excels in localized white-hat SEO. Here are five ways Edmonton businesses can benefit from our SEO strategies.

1.Optimize your website for search engines

The most important reason you should optimize your website for search engines is financial. Your company or nonprofit stands to make more money if more prospective customers can engage with it. What SEO does is get more attention for your business online. This attention can lead to more customer interaction. If you have a small business that doesn’t do much in the e-commerce space, SEO will also increase foot traffic. The bottom line is: a great SEO plan can increase your profits.

2.Edmonton is a small town at heart.

Businesses know that it is important to connect to the community in order to be successful here. Dabaran knows how to use SEO to promote your business locally. This is one of the top benefits of a great SEO program, localized SEO. We use localized keywords and backlinks to get your company higher up on search engine results. Your place in the results matters, as surveys show that most people engage a business near the top of the first page of their search results.

3.Part of a total SEO plan is to create content for a client.

Dabaran prides itself on having a content team that produces unique, high-value, white-hat SEO content. Our content is can also be used as marketing material for your company or nonprofit. An investment in SEO is also an investment in your marketing department. This takes care of two very important pieces of your promotional puzzle for the price of one. Which brings us to our next point…

4.SEO is a great value!

The money your company spends with a top SEO agency like Dabaran goes a long way. We’ve already illustrated that the content produced for you can be repurposed. SEO audits also can make your company much more money than it invests. That is the definition of value. Not to mention that we offer short term, month-to-month contracts. This means it is a great value when it comes to your most precious commodity- time.

5.Small businesses are the backbone of cities like Edmonton.

SEO is perfect for these small businesses for all the reasons we’ve previously listed but also for competitor analysis. When we are building your comprehensive SEO plan, we take a long look at what your competition is doing. We find that the best measuring stick for improving your SEO is to see how other small businesses in your town approach optimization.

SEO is still a relatively new concept for a lot of businesses. It’s okay not to understand the ins and outs. It can be daunting to wrap your head around new digital marketing and e-commerce concepts. That is why Dabaran is a great partner to explore optimization with. We excel in making SEO easy to understand and we have the experience to help you understand why SEO is not only a good idea, but also a crucial move for Edmonton companies and nonprofits in 2022.



Cleanup & Restoration

Servpro Coon Rapids

With other restoration companies vying for top positions on search engine results pages, Servpro Coon Rapids wanted to be in the top 3 results.
Case Study


Cultural non profit


Client base involved a comprehensive non profit SEO plan that included every aspect of our company. On-site optimization and off-site link building were just the tip of the iceberg.
Case Study


Legal Outsourcing


Changists is a Dallas-based legal outsourcing firm that has been created on non-conformist principles.
Case Study


Get your chile on!


With a seasonal product that is in demand throughout the year, Chile Monster wanted to be in the top 3 search results to expand its e-store. ​
Case Study


Traffic Law Firm


As a leading law firm, Elimitix was looking to expand its presence online through SEO and leverage its years of experience to attract more clients.
Case Study


Center For Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology


As a leading cosmetic surgeon, the Center For Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology wanted to expand across the state of Florida and beyond.
Case Study


Stop guessing and start making concrete moves toward better search engine rankings, more website traffic and a better online marketing strategy. We’re here to help your business reach the top. 

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