Link Building

Link building is what determines the relevance and quality that ultimately make your page worth high search engine rankings. In short, it is based on how many other quality websites link to yours. The more popular your page (i.e how much it is ‘talked about’ outside of the context of your own website), the better your chances of appearing in a client’s Google search. This is based on the idea that a hyperlink to your site on someone’s else’s page is a vote of confidence.

The Dabaran team builds links from a diverse range of moderate to high domain authority sites – all done manually and organically. Link building will not only be a major part of your website’s SEO, but will result in priceless referral traffic. Essentially, when a high-quality website links to yours, it counts as an additional form of marketing which drives traffic to your site, and increases conversions.

Link building is a perfect example of the power of SEO, and how essential it is to your company. This particular method of optimization is an effective means of building your brand online. Get in touch with the Dabaran team to get working on a SEO campaign that solidifies your brand as an authority in your industry!

Whether you’re a start-up firm or an established business, building website traffic is one of the most crucial elements to a successful online presence. Engaging prospects and turning them into clients is at the heart of any marketing strategy employed by Dabaran, the Chicago link building company.


People use keywords when they search for the services or products they need. If an organization’s website contains these keywords, references to these keywords, or links to other websites that relate to these keywords, traffic to the website increases. Gradually, over a period of time, the website starts to rank higher on search engines due to the increase in traffic.

Ranking high on search engines, especially ones like Google, is essential to getting your business noticed. Most people usually do not search beyond the third link, and even less look beyond the first page of search results.

Link building is a type of search engine optimization strategy that builds your website’s credibility while keeping prospects engaged in your content. Our Chicago link building strategies improve your ranking in searches, ultimately improving the sales of your organization.

One type of link building is internal linking which refers to a link that takes prospective clients to a different page on the same website. Another aspect of link building is external linking, where a link on your website takes the user to a different website. This boosts your credibility by linking you to a website that might be higher up in the ranking.

External linking like this is very SEO friendly and helps the search engine algorithm understand whether your website is credible or not while also optimizing the search results in your company’s favor. This has the possibility of happening the other way round i.e., a link from a different website being directed to your website. This is called backlinking.

A backlink is a link that appears on a different website that directs prospects to your web page and business. This causes the search engine algorithm to interpret that your website is extremely resourceful and valuable which is essential component of link building. Chicago firm Dabaran has employed various search engine optimization techniques like these, successfully bringing brilliant returns on investments for its clients.

We also realize and understand that people prefer websites that contain high-quality content; content that is useful and adds value to their life. By providing your prospective clients with engaging content that answers their questions and educates them about topics related to your business, you will see a huge increase in sales and revenue, as well as the potential for repeat business.


Our firm puts in a tremendous amount of time and research to ensure that the websites we link have matching niches and interests. We create and compare content across many different platforms to ensure that your brand stands among those it’s linked to. Over time, you’ll be able to watch the backlinks build up, leading to higher website traffic. The search engine algorithm provides more weightage and authority to a website that has the maximum number of backlinks directed to it.

Link building can make your company stand out among the competitors in your domain. Our clients have benefited immensely from Dabaran’s SEO strategies, which are backed by years of research and expertise.

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