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About The Client​

MedSchoolCoach offers consulting services for pre-med and medical school admissions, in addition to MCAT and USMLE/COMLEX tutoring. It thrives on one on one tutoring and provides students a great experience to become talented physicians. Their focus has been to become the best group of MCAT and board tutors, along with the most qualified physician advisors in the US.

The Challenge​

Medical tutoring is a high-stakes and high-profit industry. With hundreds of thousands of aspiring doctors waiting to become physicians, the race to provide them qualified tutoring services is intense. Competitors had already spent tens of thousands of marketing dollars to improve their online visibility, so we had to create a comprehensive SEO strategy to overtake them.

The Solution

Team Dabaran relied heavily on quality, high domain authority sites that catered to academics and scholarships. We also included in our diverse link building strategy other channels of link sourcing, such as SEO articles, optimized blogs, citations and more. We were able to deliver results in the first few months, with our client’s site reigning supreme for highly competitive search terms.  


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