Pet Butler

Pet Dog Waste Removal

About The Client​

As a company dedicated to professional waste removal and cleanup, Pet Butler employs uniformed technicians who can clean up a range of locations, from apartments to residential yards, or HOAs. All this is done with the highest level of service in mind and utmost attention to time. The company strives to make life more enjoyable and convenient for people who love and cherish their pets.

The Challenge​

Pet Butler had grand visions of creating a franchise and taking the company public. This meant optimizing the website to appear in local search results in major urban centers across the US. Needless to say, we had tough competition since the pet care industry is worth billions. Our approach was to start ranking for a few major cities, and then to build on our SEO campaign as we progressed.

The Solution

We first established the lowest hanging fruit we could optimize the site for. After strong research backed with solid metrics, we began our SEO campaign and saw early successes in medium to large cities within Illinois. As more traffic starting coming to the site, we doubled down and began to aggressively build links for even larger cities. Our campaign was a success!


Target Keyword: dog poop removal

Ranking: 2

Target Keyword: dog waste removal

Ranking: 1 & 2

Target Keyword: cat litter removal

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: pet dog waste removal

Ranking: 1