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15 Common Clichés Professional Communicators Should Avoid

01.05.23 | Communications is a constantly evolving creative field, and with the ability to craft content that sparks the interest of target audiences being a prerequisite for success, it’s important for comms pros to infuse their…

15 Smart Steps To Take When Sales Copy Is Not Converting

01.04.23 | Sales copy is intended to spur readers to take action—specifically, to make a purchase. To engage consumers and persuade them to continue their customer journey with your company until they reach the desired…

14 Tactics To Avoid When Writing End-Of-Year Sales Copy

01.03.23 | The end of the year is a time when people and companies, consumers and brands alike, reflect and look ahead to starting a fresh new year together.While your company may reach out to clients, customers or prospects primarily to thank them for their loyalty…

SEO Terms Marketers Should Pay Attention To

12.15.22 | The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is filled with terms that might not make much sense to the average person. But if you want to be a successful marketer in 2023, it’s important to understand these terms and how to use them to generate more traffic to your website. Here are some of the top…

15 Brand-Boosting Benefits Of Emotional Marketing

12.06.22 | If consumers relate to a brand’s message, story or personality in an emotional way, the sense of connection it creates can help drive them to take action. To prompt customers and prospects to sign up for emails, subscribe to newsletters, download a free asset or like, follow and share a brand’s social media content, for example…
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Dabaran Joins Chicago Zoological Society Associates to Promote Animal Conservation

11.29.22 | Asad Kausar of Dabaran Inc. has joined the Marketing Committee at Chicago Zoological Society Associates. He brings 15 years of marketing and search engine optimization experience to support CZS through…


15 Tips For Effective Content Marketing During The Holiday Season

11.23.22 | Content marketing is not a simple, one-and-done tactic. It takes a comprehensive strategy to effectively use content to draw consumers into your sales funnel or incorporate them into your flywheel. 


What Are The Best B2B Trends To Implement For 2023?

11.21.22 | ‘Tis the season … to be planning. And planning for a big year in 2023 means getting ahead of the curve and taking a look at some of the best trends, advice, and approaches available to your B2B business.


Does Your B2B Business Apply For Awards?

11.11.22 | Awards are great for your business, not to mention it always feels good to be the recipient of one. But the truth is we’re not always nominated by someone else for one and sometimes you need to apply yourself to be a winner. That can feel awkward, especially in a society that praises those who are humble and don’t brag.


11 Copywriting Tricks That Are Critical For Driving Sales

11.07.22 | To create copy that drives sales, communications professionals must leverage the writing skills they have to speak directly to the audience and leave them feeling like they made the right choice purchasing your product or service. Not using jargon and having a call to action are successful tactics that will reach your audience when creating sales copy…