TruePoint Scanning

About The Client​

TruePoint is a company that provides 3D laser scanning services. Their mission is to provide accurate measurements of large-scale projects to help expedite project planning and avoid costly rework. They have clients across America ranging from pro football teams to manufacturing facilities. TruePoint is an industry leader in a specific and important service to the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

The Challenge​

TruePoint is a company that relies on the construction industry. The good news is, that industry is one that depends on business-to-business contact. Dabaran is uniquely positioned to help all our clients who exist in business service chains. We understand them, because that is where we thrive, as a business helping other businesses be successful.

The Solution

Optimizing their website for search engine viability was the first move in our plan for True Point. As part of our SEO audit, Dabaran compared them to their competition to see what was working for them in terms of online marketing. Next, we needed to raise their profile amongst their peers. This was done through an aggressive link building campaign designed around expertly crafted business-to-business marketing material created by our team.

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