Ultimation Inc

About The Client​

Ultimation is an international leader in conveyor systems and machine automation. They are a proudly female-owned business based out of Roseville, Michigan that has conquered the world of conveyors. Ultimation has clients all over the globe and has installed their systems in some of the largest companies in the world. But at heart, they are a small town company that is proud to be from Michigan.

The Challenge​

Ultimation already had a great reputation by the time they partnered with Dabaran. They had clients like Ford, Amazon and FedEx among about a dozen other giant corporate companies. Our challenge was to increase their online presence to engage new customers from outside their already established circles. Ultimation wanted to use SEO to get more search results in the wider world.

The Solution

Getting Ultimation higher up on the search results was Dabaran’s main objective. They already had great word of mouth and references in the automation industry, but through link building and on-site keywords we raised their rankings. This opened their business up to even more potential clients.


Target Keyword: belt conveyor

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: gravity roller conveyor

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: motorized roller conveyor

Ranking: 1

Target Keyword: interroll conveyor

Ranking: 2

Target Keyword: roller conveyor

Ranking: 3

Target Keyword: gravity conveyor

Ranking: 3

Target Keyword: itoh denki distributor

Ranking: 3

Target Keyword: conveyor roller covers

Ranking: 5

Target Keyword: flow rail

Ranking: 5

Target Keyword: food conveyor

Ranking: 6