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SEO Audit

If your ideal clients and audience cannot find you, your business isn’t making as much impact as it can. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of online marketing, and without it, your business risks getting lost in the void of online searches.

At Dabaran, comprehensive SEO services begin with an onsite SEO audit. Our SEO team works from the root up to understand your online business and what it would most benefit from. During the SEO audit, we discover what works and what doesn’t, so that we know exactly what your company’s needs are.

Competitor Analysis

With the rise of digital marketing, the online space has become a competitive arena for businesses. Competitor analysis is a vital step in understanding the role of SEO in your business, and whether or not your SEO efforts are hitting the mark.

When it comes to SEO (and indeed business as a whole), knowing and understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can provide valuable insights on how you compare. It is the backbone of SEO strategies that work.

On-Page Optimization

Once we’ve taken the time to understand your business, its competitors and your current SEO efforts, we work to optimize your web pages. On-page SEO is a major part of driving your target audience to your website. In order to rank you higher and ensure that you are reaching customers who actually need your products and services, Dabaran will add, remove and edit the content that speaks for your company. From title tags and meta tags to keyword density and beyond, we establish a strong foundation through on-page optimization.

Link Building

Every online business owner wants clients to find their web content valuable. But one thing that’s often forgotten is how important and relevant search engines think your content is. Dabaran uses tried and tested link building techniques to put your company on the search engine map.

The technicalities of SEO can be daunting, which is why we don’t want to overwhelm you with pretentious jargon and a crash course of concepts. Instead, we want to make sure that you understand the value that you stand to gain from a SEO service that includes link building – as simply as you can. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing spheres of digital marketing. Any business looking to compete in the digital age can neither underestimate nor neglect its value. At Dabaran, we create strategically placed content that is relevant, useful and consistent enough to target your desired audience and, in the long run, compel them to take profitable action. Our SEO articles and blog posts are always reinforced with target keyword anchor links, and are drafted to be posted on high traffic websites.

Local SEO​

Whether you’re primarily an online business or a brick-and-mortar establishment, a large part of the support your company receives is from local customers. Failing to account for local SEO can have detrimental effects on your company. Through hyperlocal organic links, Dabaran’s local SEO efforts are geared towards making sure that your business ranks highly in organic search results where your target market is located.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO requires expertise. As with all other SEO aspects, it’s all about making your website rank higher in the competitive space of search engines. During this phase of your SEO, we make sure everything under the hood is teed up – from your URL structure to the robots file, we optimize all the details that you may not even be aware of.

Unlike off-page SEO, technical SEO involves looking at the way your website directly functions. This includes making your website faster and ensuring that search engines can understand its content during crawls.

SEO Reporting

Of course, our SEO efforts would be meaningless without measurable results. Dabaran doesn’t just shoot in the dark. We believe that analyzing metrics is a key part of the success of your business. After implementing a rigorous SEO strategy for your website, we review weekly reports on the optimizations performed, links built, and historical & current rankings in our SEO dashboard.

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